Doug Shave

Doug Shave


    New road data weapon for police

    20/01/2001 6:00 AM

    The Department of Land Administration (DOLA) is helping in the fight against crime by supplying Western Australian police with its recently completed Centreline data-set that identifies the State’s 60,000 roads suitable for vehicle use.

    DOLA has also provided detailed digital information on street addresses for incorporation into CADCOM (Computer Aided Dispatch Communications), the major communications system being introduced by the police.

    Lands Minister Doug Shave said the high quality data would be extremely useful for police, especially in emergencies.

    “When responding to an emergency call, police will be able to use this data to establish the name of a street, where a particular house is located, and the best way to get to it from surrounding streets,” Mr Shave said.

    “Eventually all police vehicles will have access to timely and accurate information through the Police Operations Centre on matters such as local road networks, road conditions and any useful shortcuts.”

    Mr Shave said DOLA began building the Centreline data-set in 1999.

    “At the time there was no simple way to get this information,” he said.

    “Information from a range of sources could have been used to piece together a picture of the State but until recently there was no single data-set covering the whole WA road network.

    “The work DOLA has been doing with the CADCOM project is cutting edge technology.”

    Media contacts:
    John Clune (Minister’s Office) 9213 6500
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