Cheryl Edwardes

Cheryl Edwardes


    New Environmental Action Council to focus on sustainable future.

    9/01/2001 7:30 AM

    Environment Minister Cheryl Edwardes has established an Environmental Action Council to help the State achieve environmental sustainability and report on the State’s key environmental concerns.

    The Council will report directly to the Minister. It will be responsible for developing the next State of the Environment Report and a four-year Environmental Action Plan for Western Australia.

    Mrs Edwardes said the State Government was building on its highly successful State of the Environment reporting program, now being adopted by most other Australian states.

    “Western Australia is leading the rest of the nation and our approach has been praised by Dr David Bowman, Shell Oil’s health safety and environment adviser to a Victorian Parliamentary inquiry, as a better model than those proposed by New South Wales and the Federal Government and for its prioritisation of environmental issues,” she said.

    “Over the next four years the Environmental Action Council will further drive Western Australia towards an environmentally sustainable future

    “One of the Council’s first tasks will be to review current actions to protect the environment of Western Australia.

    “The Council is due to complete a draft State of the Environment Report in 2002 which will be released for public comment.

    “This will be followed by a final State of the Environment Report in 2003 and an Environmental Action Plan in 2004.

    The Action Plan will set the agenda for a sustainable future for Western Australia.”

    The Council members are:
    • Professor Richard Hobbs, Head of Environmental Science at Murdoch University;
    • Dr Sue Graham-Taylor, President of the Conservation Council of Western Australia;
    • Charmain Barton, environmental law specialist;
    • Rex Baker, previously Chief Executive Officer of ALCOA;
    • Prof Rene van Berkel, Head of the Centre for Cleaner Production at Curtin University and Chairperson of the Western Australian Sustainable Industry Group;
    • Prof Margaret Sears, Pro Vice Chancellor (Community and Development) University of Western Australia and Chair of the Australia Council;
    • Iva Stejskal, distinguished marine scientist with APACHE Energy;
    • Dr Bryan Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Environmental Protection;
    • Dr Wally Cox, Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Conservation and Land Management;
    • Dr Graeme Robertson, Director General of Agriculture Western Australia; and -
    • Roger Payne, Chief Executive Officer of the Water and Rivers Commission.

    Bob Fisher, Chief Executive Officer of Family and Children’s Services will be the independent chair of the Council.

    Mrs Edwardes said the establishment of an Environmental Action Council provided a unique opportunity to improve environmental outcomes and public accountability on environmental performance.

    “This approach will allow us to strategically plan and implement policy changes and actions to protect and improve the environment,” she said.

    Media contact: Steve Manchee on 9421 7777