Richard Court

Richard Court


    New $6 million call centre will boost Joondalup's economy: Premier

    30/01/2001 1:07 PM

    Premier Richard Court says Western Australia is emerging as an ideal and sought after location for a fast growing sector of the services industry - call centres.

    Mr Court said the centres were another example of the growing diversification of the State’s economy and provided yet another area for jobs growth.

    The Premier - speaking at the opening of Ansett Australia’s new state-of-the-art call centre at Joondalup - said a growing number of national and international companies regarded the State as an attractive location for such operations.

    “Western Australia has a lot going for it when it comes to call centres - our operating costs are lower, staff retention rates are higher, we have an attractive lifestyle, a strong focus on training and share the same time zone as South East Asia,” he said.

    The Premier said the Ansett centre was a significant boost for the local Joondalup economy and would have a permanent staff of more than 300 people.

    “An area such as Joondalup provides an ideal location for a call centre - it offers modern facilities, a range of amenities and its link to the Edith Cowan University will offer easy access to training in all aspects of call centre operations,” he said.

    “Ansett is investing more than $6 million in the facility for fit-out, technology, training and recruitment. The State Government has also provided strong support through funding for a subsidised lease arrangement with the building’s owners, Edith Cowan University, and $450,000 to assist with staff training.”

    Mr Court said the Ansett facility was the second major call centre at Joondalup. Last year Stellar Call Centres set up a 150 work station facility which has created more than 200 jobs.

    The Premier said the call centre industry had come a long way since the original versions gained a reputation for being depressing, high-tech sweatshops.

    “Ansett, for example, has put considerable effort into ensuring its call centres are attractive places to work and you couldn’t pick many better locations than Joondalup,” he said.

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