John Day

John Day


    More surgery to be performed at Swan Hospital

    29/01/2001 5:36 PM

    A funding boost from the State Government will allow additional elective surgery to be performed at Swan District Hospital to enable local people to have their operations sooner.

    Health Minister John Day said that extra funding would enable the hospital to perform additional orthopaedic operations at the hospital, such as knee reconstruction, wrist and carpal tunnel surgery.

    “It will enable five people per week to have their operations performed locally, rather than waiting long term to have surgery at a teaching hospital in Perth,” Mr Day said.

    “It is far better for patients to be treated in familiar surroundings where they can feel comfortable and relaxed, around family and friends for support, if necessary.

    “Being treated locally also provides relief for family members of patients, as it removes the added stress of travelling to inner city teaching hospitals in Perth.”

    The transfer of elective surgery to community hospitals, such as Swan, relieves pressure on teaching hospitals and enables them to concentrate on more urgent and complex forms of medical care.

    Mr Day said funding for the additional elective surgery was provided through the Central Wait List Bureau (CWLB).

    A State Government initiative, the CWLB gives those people on a hospital waiting list the opportunity to have an operation performed sooner, by arranging for it to be performed at a hospital with a shorter waiting time.

    The CWLB free call number is 1800 654 807.

    Media contact: Carole Cowling 9213 6600