Cheryl Edwardes

Cheryl Edwardes


    Minister announces increase to the adult minimum wage

    5/01/2001 6:10 PM

    Labour Relations Minister Cheryl Edwardes today announced a $16.50 increase in the Western Australian Adult Minimum Wage.

    This represents a four-and-a-half per cent increase in wages for the lowest paid employees.

    Mrs Edwardes said the increase would come into effect on March 1, 2001.

    “The Adult Minimum Wage will increase from $368.00 per week to $384.50 per week with proportionate increases for junior employees,” she said.

    “This increase reflects this State Government’s continued commitment to lower paid workers.

    “I’m pleased that we have been able to provide an increase that protects the lowest paid in our community whilst being economically responsible.

    “The Government’s decision provides a real increase that will help stimulate spending and in turn create employment opportunities.

    “The process followed by the Government embraced a wide range of submissions that gave all interested parties an opportunity to provide input.”

    Mrs Edwardes accepted the recommendation of the WA Industrial Relations Commission on the amount of the increase to the Adult Minimum Wage.

    The Adult Minimum Wage applies to an estimated two to four per cent of the WA workforce and acts as a safety net for the lowest paid. In WA the overwhelming majority of employees receive higher wages.

    Mrs Edwardes said WA was a relatively high wage economy and remained well above the national figure for average weekly ordinary time earnings. Real wages had also continued to grow strongly under this Government.

    “The wage figures and our solid employment growth illustrate the State Government’s strong support for not only the lowest paid but for all wage earners in this State,” she said.

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