Cheryl Edwardes

Cheryl Edwardes


    International conservation conferences come to Perth Zoo

    10/01/2001 7:30 AM

    Environment Minister Cheryl Edwardes today announced that Perth Zoo would host two prestigious international conservation conferences in 2001.

    The World Zoo Organisation (WZO) and Conservation Breeding Specialists Group (CBSG) annual conferences will be held in Perth from October 19.

    The World Zoo Organisation represents nearly 150 key zoological institutions and associations comprising most of the public and private zoos and aquaria of the world.

    “This is a first for Australia and it will bring together the heads of zoos and aquaria from over 45 countries,” Mrs Edwardes said.

    An expected 200 delegates will spend five days in forums constructed around the theme ‘Question of Balance - Conservation, Marketing and Money’. Many issues that zoos around the world face in dealing with the increasing rate of extinction of many species will be addressed.

    Although this year’s conference will be based in the Perth CBD, it will include key field trips and functions at Perth Zoo, as well as other well-known Perth destinations. Kings Park, the Swan River and Perth’s coastline are also on the agenda.

    The WZO conference will be immediately preceded by the annual conference of the CBSG, an organisation with a focus on the managed breeding of wild and captive animal populations to assist the conservation of threatened species.

    This conference, also hosted by Perth Zoo, will be based at Rottnest Island, providing delegates with immediate access to an A-class reserve of significant conservation value.

    “The acceptance of the zoo as the host for both conferences is a rewarding acknowledgement about Perth Zoo’s position in global conservation efforts,” Mrs Edwardes said.

    “Not only is it pleasing to be the first Australian zoo to host these conferences but it marks the very strong role Perth Zoo plays in the breeding of threatened species, particularly our native fauna.

    “It is certainly a great compliment to Perth Zoo in having such an international profile.

    “Both conferences will be attended by many of the world’s top conservation specialists.

    “These conferences provide an opportunity to showcase not only the great conservation achievements made at Perth Zoo but also the great tourism diversity that Western Australia has to offer.”

    Media contacts:
    Steve Manchee (Minister) on 9421 7777;
    Nikki Beynon (Perth Zoo) on 9474 0381.