Kim Hames

Kim Hames


    Funding for Swan-Canning catchment groups

    2/01/2001 2:10 PM

    Almost $400,000 in funding has been allocated to support catchment groups in the Swan-Canning catchment in the coming year.

    Water Resources Minister Dr Kim Hames said the continued support, part of the Swan-Canning Cleanup Program (SCCP), would fund co-ordinator and education officer positions and provide other support for nine catchment groups in priority areas.

    “Catchment management is a vital part of the efforts to clean up the Swan and Canning rivers,” Dr Hames said.

    “This financial support for catchment groups is helping people all over the catchment to improve their local waterways.

    “Their on-ground work is contributing to reducing nutrient levels in the Swan-Canning river system.”

    Nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen can trigger algal blooms and enter the river from both rural and urban areas.

    Groups receiving SCCP funding this year are:
    • Upper Canning and Southern Wungong Catchment Team, $60,340;
    • Ellen Brook Integrated Catchment Management Group, $71,000;
    • Bayswater Integrated Catchment Management Group, $48,330;
    • Canning Catchment Co-ordinating Group, $27,000;
    • Bennett Brook Catchment Co-ordinating Group, $59,000;
    • Bannister Creek Catchment Co-ordinating Group, $24,080;
    • Blackadder-Woodbridge Catchment Group (and proposed Susannah Brook Catchment Group) , $36,250;
    • Belmont-Victoria Park Catchment Group, $26,500; and -
    • Mills Street Main Drain Group, $22,500

    “These groups are in identified priority areas - where nutrient problems are worst and where the most work needs to be done,” Dr Hames said.

    Anyone wanting information on their local catchment group or how to get involved in local activities to improve the Swan and Canning rivers should contact the Swan Catchment Centre on 9220 5300.

    Media contacts: Sandy Gater, 9424 7450
    SRT: Paula Wallace, 9278 0741