Monty House

Monty House


    Fair trade - fair price - fair go: Minister

    18/01/2001 4:56 PM

    Western Australian farmers need to be given a fair go and the new Coalition Government’s primary industry and fisheries policies would work towards that, Primary Industry Minister Monty House said.

    Speaking in Boyup Brook, in the electorate of Collie, Mr House said the Government recognised and acknowledged that subsidised agriculture in other countries was causing problems to our farmers.

    “It is essential to target the Federal Government to ensure ‘fair trade’ and a better trade balance is reflected in international trade policies,” the Minister said.

    “The policies will also support WA producers who compete in domestic and international markets, both with farm and food chain innovation and efficiencies.

    “In addition, it will be essential to legislate to provide for a greater transparency in the product chain from the farm to the market place.

    “This will allow primary producers to clearly track where their product is through the chain and at the same time gain a greater negotiating position to allow them to receive a fair price for their produce.”

    Mr House said he was committed to making a difference to this State’s producers by ensuring that international trade policies were equitable and fair to all players.

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