John Day

John Day


    Comment regarding Nurses' Rally

    5/01/2001 3:09 PM

    Nurses are highly valued by the Government and play an important role in the quality of care delivered in all areas of our public health system.

    The Western Australian health system is very highly regarded by national and international standards and we are determined to keep it that way.

    Nurses will get a pay rise.

    We want their salaries and conditions to be attractive enough to ensure that we maintain their excellent standards and so that we can encourage people to take up or return to nursing as a career.

    It is now a matter of finalising negotiations on pay and conditions in preparation of a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement to replace the existing one which expires in May.

    I can understand the ANF trying to use the pre-election atmosphere to squeeze as much as they can from the Government.

    I can assure both the nurses and the public that the Government is negotiating the EBA in good faith and with a strong desire to build on the quality of our health system.

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