Paul Omodei

Paul Omodei


    Comment on WAFA's call for an election campaign moratorium on logging

    10/01/2001 4:51 PM

    Summer is the peak logging period to stockpile sawlogs for timber production during winter, so it would be absurd to impose a moratorium on any part of the logging program.

    The Coalition Government has already permanently reserved from logging 86 per cent of our old growth karri, 70 per cent of old growth jarrah and 100 per cent of old growth and two-tier karri/tingle, so it is ridiculous for WAFA to go on pretending that they alone want to save old growth forests.

    No industry shuts down during election campaigns, and only people as negative and destructive as WAFA would imagine they ought to.

    Does Mr Robertson think the Government should pay the wages for all the families whose jobs would be shut down for a month, or does he want them to get accustomed to what it would be like for them permanently if Labor were elected?

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