Murray Criddle

Murray Criddle


    Coalition announces $9 million funding for Toodyay Bypass

    29/01/2001 6:51 PM

    The Coalition Government is to accelerate construction of Stage Two of the Toodyay Bypass to allow agricultural lime trucks and other heavy traffic to bypass the town’s main street.

    Transport Minister Murray Criddle announced at the Coalition’s country transport policy in Narrogin today that $9 million in new funding would allow Stage Two (the southern section and bridge over the Avon River) to be built in the next four years.

    Mr Criddle also announced $7 million in new funding to upgrade the New Norcia-Calingiri road, which is also used for the haulage of agricultural lime from the central coast to inland farming areas.

    He said the opportunity to advance important regional road projects followed yesterday’s announcement by the Prime Minister that Western Australia would receive an additional $76 million for enhancement of Roe Highway.

    “This allows State Road Funds formerly committed to the Roe Highway project to be released for other vital works like Stage Two of the Toodyay bypass” the Minister said.

    “We are already preparing to build the $6 million Stage One and I’m pleased that we are now in a position to bring the second stage forward.

    “This is a major boost not only for the townspeople of Toodyay but also for the contractors and operators who are carting vital agricultural lime from the coastal deposits to the inland farming districts.

    “By constructing both stages of the bypass and a new bridge over the Avon River we will be able to provide trucks and other through-traffic with a safe, alternate route around the town.

    “We have worked closely with the Toodyay community to resolve the issue of trucks using the town centre and I’m delighted with the outcome.”

    A timetable for getting the project up and running as quickly as possible would be developed by Main Roads

    Mr Criddle said the $7 million in new funding to upgrade the New Norcia-Calingiri-Goomalling road would be warmly embraced by the communities and industry.

    “I’m keen to involve the various local communities and the shires to develop an effective program of works on this important strategic road,” he said.

    “Farming communities rely heavily on agricultural lime and transport projects like the Toodyay Bypass project and the New Norcia-Calingiri-Goomalling road upgrade underpin our commitment to meeting regional needs.”

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