Monty House

Monty House


    Coalition Government would help progress commercial fishing: Minister

    16/01/2001 1:33 PM

    Western Australia’s commercial fishing industry is a world leader and the Coalition Government will continue with its efforts to progress a sustainable and profitable sector in the future.

    “Commercial fisheries generate in excess of $700 million in landed value alone, accounting for 35 per cent of Australia’s gross value of seafood exports, with significant add on value in terms of services and employment,” Mr House said.

    “It is vital that this valuable industry is continued to be well-managed and supported through modern sustainable management planning processes, a quality research base and strong partnership arrangements.

    “The Government will build an International Research and Development Centre which will provide world-class facilities for research to underpin our sustainable fisheries management strategies.

    “The centre will also provide opportunities for national and international co-operative research and enable the industry to capitalise on identified opportunities for export of fisheries research and development training and consultancies, particularly within the Indian Ocean rim.

    “To maintain our excellent reputation for quality and safety we will establish a Centre for Seafood Quality and Technology, capable of new product development and post-harvest research.

    “Marketing of our produce is paramount to the development of export markets and the Coalition Government will establish an International Trade Development Unit that concentrates on reducing trade barriers and restrictions that impact adversely on Western Australian fisheries exports.

    “This will be a positive move in capitalising on and sourcing new world markets for WA companies and fish products.

    “A priority for this Government has been the involvement of industry at every stage of decision-making processes and accordingly we will continue to support and fund the WA Fishing Industry Council, associated peak groups and management advisory committees.”

    Mr House said that during the past eight years there had been a period of real progress in commercial fisheries management which had been underpinned by an unprecedented level of stakeholder involvement.

    “This has provided a foundation for a more prosperous future for the commercial fishing industry and I look forward to the progression of one of this State’s most successful industries,” he said.

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