Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson


    A piece of Kendenup's history restored with Centenary funds: Minister

    10/01/2001 9:21 AM

    A 1942 vintage Caterpillar D7 bulldozer will be the centrepiece of Kendenup’s Centenary of Federation festivities in 2001.

    The historic earthmoving machine played a prominent role in the Shire of Plantagenet’s history.

    Works; Services; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests Minister Rob Johnson said funds from the WA 2001 Community Centenary Project had been used to restore the bulldozer.

    “Local farmer Glen Hawker purchased the Cat at the end of World War II and used the machine around Kendenup and Tambellup clearing land and sinking dams from 1946 to 1960,” Mr Johnson said.

    “He was very careful with his beloved D7, stripping it down to the last nut and bolt and rebuilding it in time for the next clearing season.”

    Mr Johnson, who is also the Minister responsible for the Centenary of Federation, said modern bulldozers, with hydraulically operated blades and power shift transmission, eventually superseded the D7.

    The Caterpillar fell on hard times after this, once spending a year and a half bogged on another local farmer’s property, with the motor partly submerged.

    The old bulldozer has now been restored with funds donated by Kendenup residents and a State Government grant of $9326.

    The Centenary of Federation project will be officially launched this Saturday, January 13, at 9am.

    “The grant to the Kendenup Progress Association forms part of the $3.5 million committed by the State Government to help communities celebrate the Centenary of Federation,” Mr Johnson said.

    “The 201 successfully funded projects will provide valuable facilities and attractions in their respective communities.

    “In Kendenup’s case, this fine old machine reflects the spirit of the pioneers who laboured intensely to make the district what it is today. As such, it is a fitting emblem of the area’s achievements in the century since Australia’s Federation.”

    Media contacts:
    Fran Hodge (Minister’s office) 9215 4800
    Hazel Rutter (Project co-ordinator) 9851 2661