Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson


    Yokine man edits new book on migrant workers in Government

    15/12/2000 10:50 AM

    Human rights champion Andre Goh has played a key role in the creation of a new publication profiling the role of migrants in Western Australia’s public sector.

    Mr Goh edited the new publication - Voices of Diversity - which follows the journey of 14 migrants in Government.

    The Yokine man, who works for the WA Police Service, believes migrants should be proud of their culture.

    Citizenship and Multicultural Interests Minister Rob Johnson said the publication provided a unique insight into the experiences of migrants in the workplace.

    He said Voices of Diversity confirmed that a wide range of cultural and language skills enriched the work environment.

    “Many State public sector employees were born overseas and their contributions highlight the importance of this sector as an equal opportunity employer able to support difference and promote diverse management practices,” Mr Johnson said.

    “Specifically, these authors provide inspiration for dealing with obstacles, relay positive experiences and offer suggestions to new recruits who may find themselves in similar positions.”

    Mr Johnson praised Mr Goh’s involvement in editing Voices of Diversity and telling his own story.

    Born in Malaysia to Chinese-Eurasian parents, Mr Goh spent his childhood in Malacca.

    As a teenager, he moved to Canada, where he learned about issues of racism, equality and gender parity.

    “Through my involvement with the community and championing on behalf of the less privileged, I learned to identify the subtle differences in the way people were treated,” Mr Goh said.

    “I worked in the human rights field in Canada, where I mentored people, challenged discrimination and harassment, mediated between adversarial multi-nationals, conciliated difficult complaints and set standards in many industries.

    “When I moved to Western Australia in 1995, I continued my interest in diversity at the Equal Opportunity Commission, the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and WA Police, where I am now.

    “I believe that community development and the need to learn from each other makes us who we are today and bridges the difficult paths.”

    Voices of Diversity features the stories of migrants from Canada, China, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Venezuela and Vietnam.

    The publication is a joint project of the Office of Citizenship and Multicultural Interests (OCMI) and the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity.

    Copies are available from State Government agency libraries or by calling Public Affairs at OCMI on 9426 8690.

    Media contact: Fran Hodge (08) 9215 4800