Richard Court

Richard Court


    Swan Bells to light up the New Year

    13/12/2000 10:00 PM

    Premier Richard Court today announced that the Swan Bells, Western Australia’s Millennium Project, would herald in the 'official' new millennium in spectacular fashion on New Year's Eve.

    At a preview of the lighting spectacular this evening, Mr Court said just before midnight on December 31, a specially-installed clock would count down the 2001 New Year.

    At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, a 30-minute lighting show will combine with the magnificent sound of the Swan Bells pealing across the city,” he said.

    People of all ages, and families in particular, are expected to gather in Perth to witness the New Year’s Eve spectacular on the banks of the Swan River.

    The event will be a feature of the City of Perth’s New Year celebrations at the Perth Town Hall.

    “There has been enormous interest in the Swan Bells since the opening last Sunday and now that they will play a lead role in Perth’s New Year’s Eve celebrations, I’m sure there will be even more interest and excitement,” Mr Court said.

    “Thousands of people continue to line up each day to tour the Swan Bells, so much so that we’ve had to extend the opening times and now it is open from 8am to 8pm.”

    Mr Court said built into the Swan Bells was a highly-technical lighting system, allowing it to display an array of colours and bursts of patterns.

    “We expect the New Year’s Eve celebrations to be the first of many occasions that the Swan Bells will be lit up for the community to enjoy,” he said.

    From January 1, 2001, there will be a five-minute light show on the Swan Bells on the hour every night of the year.

    Media contact:
    Justine Whittome, Premier’s office, 9222 9475
    Peter Cahill, WA Tourism Commission, 9220 1750
    Melissa Bramley, Professional Public Relations, 9322 4355