Colin Barnett

Colin Barnett


    State Government allocates $1 million for capitals works for education support

    6/12/2000 5:07 PM

    Six schools will share in $1 million to upgrade education support facilities in Western Australian schools.

    Education Minister Colin Barnett said today submission to upgrade or provide new facilities in schools had been considered by the Education Support Coordination and Planning Committee.

    Mr Barnett said South Bunbury Education Support Centre would receive $600,000 for a new facility.

    Other schools to share in the funding included:
    • Malibu School which would receive - $245,000 for an administration upgrade;
    • Durham Road School - $60,000 to improve the bus shelter and access;
    • Castlereagh School - $50,000 to upgrade its swimming pool;
    • Montrose Education Support Centre - $25,000 to upgrade its computer resource facility; and -
    • Koorana Education Support Centre - $20,000 to replace its floor surface.

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