Colin Barnett

Colin Barnett


    State Government's new $4.5 million Eaton school opened

    7/12/2000 10:47 AM

    Education Minister Colin Barnett today officially opened the new $4.5 million Glen Huon Primary School at Eaton, near Bunbury.

    Mr Barnett said the new school had state-of-the-art information technology and comprised 12 classrooms.

    It also featured an art and design centre, performing arts room, information centre/library, Education Support Unit, purpose built kindergarten and two pre-primary classes.

    The community centre included an undercover area, uniform shop, physical education storage, community room and caf�.

    Mr Barnett said planning for the new school began in 1997 because growing enrolments at the Eaton Primary School meant facilities were strained for both students and staff.

    Students and staff moved into the new school at the beginning of the third semester.

    “At the beginning of the year there were 189 students but next year 310 students are enrolled,” Mr Barnett said.

    “This has meant the appointment of extra teachers for the start of next year.”

    The Minister said the Eaton school community selected the name Glen Huon because it referred to the farm where the school now stood.

    The name originated from Tasmania, where there was a Glen Huon Primary School, Huon Valley and the rare and beautiful Huon pine.

    The Huon Valley and Huon pine were named after Captain Huon D’Kirk - a French explorer.

    Mr Barnett commended the Eaton community for constructively discussing options for the future of education in the area under the local area education planning process.

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