Cheryl Edwardes

Cheryl Edwardes


    Santa Clara Primary School receives $5,000 for recycling education centre

    12/12/2000 4:40 AM

      Environment Minister Cheryl Edwardes said Santa Clara Primary School has received a grant of $4,968 in the latest round of grants from the Waste Management and Recycling Fund.

      The grant will go towards the development of a recycling centre to teach its students the fundamentals of waste management and recycling.

      The centre will comprise of a worm farm, chook yard, vegetable garden, fruit trees and composting tumblers.

      Substantial quantities and a continuous supply of suitable waste is generated by schools such as waste paper, food scraps from the canteen and lunch boxes as well as school ground garden waste. All by-products from the centre will go back into the school gardens.

      Mrs Edwardes said Santa Clara Primary School in St James was one of 41 recipients of grants from the Waste Management and Recycling Fund totalling $1.02 million that were announced today.

      Western Australia’s Waste Management and Recycling Fund is raised from a levy on waste disposed to landfill. It is used to sponsor innovative waste reduction and recycling activities throughout the State.

      “Each year almost $5 million is raised from the levy,” Mrs Edwardes said.

      “Under the grants program, financial assistance is given to local communities, industry and local government organisations who have projects which will contribute towards the achievement of the State’s waste reduction targets.

      “The grant is generally on a dollar-for-dollar basis and the preparedness of applicants to be equal partners in the projects demonstrates their commitment.”

      Santa Clara Primary School believes this project will encourage other schools and the wider community to participate in waste minimisation education and activities.

      Mrs Edwardes congratulated all successful recipients of grants in this funding round.

      The total amount of grant funding under the program now totals over $6 million. An additional $2.2 million has also been allocated from the fund under the Municipal Recycling Services rebate scheme, which is a performance-based incentive to local councils to reward them for their kerbside recycling collection efforts.

      Mrs Edwardes reminded potential applicants that these grants will be advertised more frequently in future.

      “The number of funding rounds has now increased from twice yearly to six times each year,” she said.

      The round that has recently been advertised will close on Friday, December 29. Inquiries for grants should be directed to the Funded Programs section of the Department of Environmental Protection on 9222 8608.

      Media contact: Steve Manchee on 9421 7777