Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson


    New book showcases the diversity in Western Australia's public sector

    15/12/2000 7:00 AM

    The inspirational stories of people working in one of the world’s most diverse workplaces can be found in a new publication launched today.

    Voices of Diversity follows the journeys of 14 migrants now working in WA’s public sector and is a joint project of the Office of Citizenship and Multicultural Interests and the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity.

    Citizenship and Multicultural Interests Minister Rob Johnson told today’s launch the publication provided a unique insight into the experiences of migrants in the workplace.

    He said Voices of Diversity confirmed that a wide range of cultural and language skills enriched the work environment.

    “Many State public sector employees were born overseas and their contributions highlight the importance of this sector as an equal opportunity employer able to support difference and promote diverse management practices,” Mr Johnson said.

    “Specifically, these authors provide inspiration for dealing with obstacles, relay positive experiences and offer suggestions to new recruits who may find themselves in similar positions.”

    Mr Johnson said the contributors to Voices of Diversity had paved the way for new migrant employees in Government.

    Malaysian-born Brenda Lee, for example, used her Bachelor of Business to secure a variety of roles before moving into human resources and says the support of colleagues was an impetus for achievement.

    “I have learnt that to be successful in whatever chosen field, one must first visualise one’s dreams, then have staying power, self-belief regardless of the obstacles and most importantly, seek out positive role models and work with people of goodwill,” she said.

    Another contributor, Chicago-born Arthur Wilson, started his working career in Western Australia packing boxes at the Supply West Warehouse.

    He is now the inaugural Director of the Centre for Online Services and Communications at the Central College of TAFE.

    Mr Johnson said the experiences of all 14 migrants proved that Australia was a land of opportunity.

    “It was very pleasing for me to see that the people profiled in Voices of Diversity have been very successful in their chosen fields,” he said.

    “It tells me that the WA public sector is upholding its commitment to equal opportunity and opening its doors to people from a very diverse range of backgrounds.”

    Voices of Diversity features the stories of migrants from Canada, China, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Venezuela and Vietnam.

    Copies are available from State Government agency libraries or by calling Public Affairs at the Office of Citizenship and Multicultural Interests on 9426 8690.

    Media contact: Fran Hodge (08) 9215 4800

    Contributing authors to Voices of Diversity:

    Andre Goh, Editor, WA Police Service
    Ruth Lopez, Disability Service Commission
    Nawdy Rousety, Domestic Violence Legal Unit
    Marva Elena Phillip Hunte, Fremantle Hospital
    Moona Antoon, Family & Children Services
    Brenda Lee, Fire & Emergency Service Authority of WA
    Leena Bakshi, Family & Children Services
    Kamala Navaraj, Family & Children Services
    Rasa Subramaniam, Fremantle Hospital
    Arthur Wilson, TAFE (Central)
    Van Tan Phan, Ministry of Justice
    Eduardo Farate, Family & Children Services
    Frankie Shui Fai Lee, Fire & Emergency Service Authority of WA
    Errol D’Rosario, Education Dept of WA