Kim Hames

Kim Hames


    Minister welcomes Busselton wastewater reuse

    4/12/2000 10:38 AM

        Water Resources Minister Dr Kim Hames has welcomed a decision by Busselton Golf Club members to finalise a contract with the Water Corporation for the supply of highly treated wastewater from the Busselton Wastewater Treatment Plant.

        A general meeting of members last Tuesday evening (November 28) empowered the club’s board of management to seek a speedy resolution on all outstanding matters.

        Dr Hames said the golf club and the corporation had been discussing the proposal for several years and that irrigating the golfcourse was a key part in the corporation’s push to reuse as much tertiary treated wastewater as possible from its new treatment plant.

        “This is an outstanding result for both parties,” Dr Hames said.

        “The Busselton community told us they wanted large scale re-use of treated wastewater and the Busselton Golf Club project is the first major step to make that a reality.

        “I expect any outstanding issues to be dealt with very quickly and that both parties will be in a position to sign a long-term contract early in the New Year.

        “An immediate effect of the golfcourse irrigation project will be that all treated wastewater produced by the plant during the summer and autumn months will be diverted to the golf course.

        “The result will be no treated wastewater produced by the plant will go into the Vasse Diversion Drain for about three years and by then I hope the Corporation will secure further re-use contracts.”

        Dr Hames said the Water Corporation would provide the golf club with a loan for the establishment of a fully automated sprinkler system for the golfcourse. A five-kilometre pipeline would be constructed to link the wastewater treatment plant to the club.

        “This project will be the catalyst for a significant improvement in the irrigation of the course with the club establishing a state of the art watering system to do the rest of the job,” the Minister said.

        Dr Hames said the treated wastewater to be used in golf course irrigation was a safe, disinfected product that was clear and odourless. Similar schemes were operating very successfully at Broome and Manjimup.

        Media contacts:
        Sandy Gater, Minister's office - 9424 7450
        Phil Kneebone, Water Corporation - 9420 3386