Cheryl Edwardes

Cheryl Edwardes


    Minister rewards improved safety at NW Water Corp with Gold WorkSafe certificate

    20/12/2000 9:45 AM

    Labour Relations Minister Cheryl Edwardes rewarded improved workplace safety at the Water Corporation’s North-West Regional Division with a WorkSafe Plan Gold Certificate today.

    Mrs Edwardes said the award came only two years after the division achieved a Silver Certificate, marking further improvements to its occupational safety and health management systems.

    The Water Corporation’s North-West Region employs around 140 staff, supplying a range of services to a vast geographic area in the north of the State.

    The Minister said management had taken a systematic approach to occupational safety and health by accepting and implementing all the recommendations made by its 1999 Workplace Safety Audit.

    “The willingness to work together with industry authorities to achieve improvement and tangible results is indicative of one of WorkSafe Western Australia’s key priority areas for 2000-2001 - that being consultation,” she said.

    “Everyone, from staff right through to contractors and visitors, is included in the North-West Region’s safety management procedures. A pivotal part of this process has been the introduction of a visitor control process that requires all contractors to undergo safety induction training.”

    Instrumental to its success is the Regional Occupational Safety and Health Committee (ROSH), formed in the late 80s to meet legislative requirements. The committee implements safety initiatives in the region set by the Regional Lead Team.

    “From the beginning, ROSH has been credited with providing strong leadership and commitment to improving OSH performances,” Mrs Edwardes said.

    “Commitment and co-operation between management and staff through team safety meetings have further reinforced the corporate and regional occupational safety and health policies. This spirit of teamwork has undoubtedly been instrumental in the North-West Region’s success.”

    WorkSafe Western Australia launched the WorkSafe Plan assessment process in 1994 to encourage workplaces to strive for excellence and to give recognition for their good performance.

    To receive a WorkSafe Plan Certificate of Achievement, an organisation must meet specified standards in scores for the five key elements of the plan, together with an annual reduction in lost time injuries.

    For more information about WorkSafe Plan, refer to the WorkSafe Western Australia website at

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