Norman Moore

Norman Moore


    Minister announces fall in agricultural limesand royalty rate

    5/12/2000 1:29 PM

    Mines Minister Norman Moore today announced measures to resolve an inconsistency between limesand and gypsum royalties.

    Mr Moore said the royalty rate for limesands specifically used for agricultural purposes would be reduced to 30 cents a tonne.

    “This is good news for farmers or other agricultural workers who are looking for ways to reduce their operating costs,” he said.

    The announcement comes after a review by the Department of Minerals and Energy into the royalty rates applying to these minerals.

    “The review has confirmed that limesand, which is often used as a soil-improvement agent, is currently charged a royalty rate of 50 cents per tonne, while gypsum, which is also used to improve soil quality, is charged 30 cents per tonne,” Mr Moore said.

    He said the discrepancies between the royalty rates of limesand and gypsum would be removed on the understanding that the review of Mining Act royalties was an ongoing process and that royalty rates might therefore be subject to future changes.

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