Norman Moore

Norman Moore


    Government grant to help tennis in Kimberley

    19/12/2000 11:23 AM

    Sport and Recreation Minister Norman Moore has announced a State Government grant of $5,000 for tennis in the Kimberley.

    The funding, from the Sports Lottery Fund Country Package, is to help the Kimberley Zone Tennis Association with a development plan for 2000-2001.

    The development plan will focus on improving coaching and administration standards and increasing participation rates in the sport.

    Mr Moore said he was delighted to announce the funding for the event.

    “This investment by the State Government in the sporting future of the Kimberley underlines its support for sport in regional Western Australia,” he said.

    “Funding such as this does not only have an immediate impact, it creates the setting in which the future development of sports can be addressed with long-term benefits to the region.

    “Coaching in the region is a particular focus of the grant on this occasion - and that is an example of a lasting resource which will benefit the region for years to come.”

    Sport and Recreation WAY2GO administers the Sports Lottery Fund Country Package.

    Media contacts:
    Hartley Joynt, Minister’s office, 9321 1444
    Local contact: Bert Greig, Sport and Recreation WAY2GO, 9168 1987