Richard Court

Richard Court


    Encouraging response to Coalition's LPG incentive scheme: Premier

    3/12/2000 7:00 AM

      Premier Richard Court says there has been an encouraging response to the State Government’s incentive scheme to assist people to purchase liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) powered vehicles or convert existing vehicles to LPG.

      Mr Court, who has taken delivery of a dual gas/petrol powered Holden as his Ministerial vehicle, said that since the scheme was introduced late last month there had been a growing number of motorists applying for and receiving subsidies.

      “Between October 26 and November 30 there have been 320 subsidies paid out by the State Government, “ the Premier said.

      “Since the scheme was announced there has been a steady increase in applications culminating in 150 conversions in the last two weeks alone. To put that in perspective, there were 103 LPG conversions registered for the entire month of November last year.”

      Under the incentive scheme, the Government contributes $500 per vehicle towards the cost of a new LPG-powered vehicle, or the conversion of petrol-powered vehicles.

      “The cost of LPG conversion - up to $2500 in some instances - has been a substantial impediment to the use of LPG in motor vehicles,” Mr Court said.

      “Under the incentive scheme the $500 subsidy is paid to either the vehicle owner or a gas fitter. This provides an option for the gas fitter to discount the retail cost of the conversion by the value of the subsidy at the point of sale.”

      The cash incentive is available to the owners of vehicles on which the family rebate on registration is claimed. About three quarters of cars fall into this category.

      LPG suppliers and a vehicle manufacturer have also introduced their own incentive packages in addition to the Government's scheme.

      Mr Court said the growing popularity of the scheme had also been reported by the industry, with one supplier reporting a 300 per cent increase in inquiries regarding autogas conversions since the announcement of the Government incentive.

      “Converting to LPG makes good sense in both economic and environmental terms,” he said.

      “LPG costs less and also provides a reduction in greenhouse gases of around 15 to 20 per cent, and around 20 per cent less smog-forming emissions.”

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