Paul Omodei

Paul Omodei


    Disability Services Commission must be protected: Minister

    4/12/2000 1:22 PM

    Disability Services Minister Paul Omodei said today that Opposition Leader Geoff Gallop would make a dreadful mistake if he allowed the disability services sector to be swallowed up in one of his proposed new mega-departments.

    “Under the Coalition Government, Western Australia was the first State to create a Minister for Disability Services and a separate Disability Services Commission, with its own CEO and an independent board,” Mr Omodei said.

    “This first became the envy of Australia and is now becoming the model for other States to consider.

    “With this structure, the Coalition has been able to substantially increase funding for disability services in consecutive five-year business plans which are clearly directed to the specific needs of the sector.

    “Under the Coalition Government, these growth funds are secure until 2005, giving the DSC and the many non-Government agencies which work with it the assurance they need for long range planning.

    “It would be a tragedy if this huge advantage the disability services sector has in WA were to be threatened, merely because Dr Gallop has to find something to give Labor the appearance of an alternative government.

    “He should give an immediate assurance that the Disability Services Commission will not be swallowed up in his organisational pipe dreams.”

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