Norman Moore

Norman Moore


    Casino pays $30,000 penalty

    14/12/2000 11:17 AM

    Burswood Casino has paid a $30,000 penalty for allowing a juvenile to enter and remain in the casino.

    Racing and Gaming Minister Norman Moore had ordered Burswood Nominees Pty Ltd, the casino licensee, to pay the penalty under section 21B(3)(c) of the Casino Control Act.

    In November last year, a juvenile presented a bank cheque to a cashier at Burswood Resort International Casino. At the same time, a passport was presented which clearly indicated the date of birth of the juvenile. The proceeds of the cheque were made out in the name of an adult in the company of the juvenile.

    Mr Moore said it was a serious matter and warranted the penalty being imposed.

    Media contact: Hartley Joynt, Minister’s office 9321 1444