Doug Shave

Doug Shave


    Cabinet accepts final Gunning report

    18/12/2000 10:05 PM

    State Cabinet has accepted in principle all 52 recommendations of the final report of the Gunning Inquiry on Fair Trading regulatory agencies.

    The report is the result of extensive inquiries into the:
    • Building Disputes Committee;
    • Builders Registration Board;
    • Land Valuers Licensing Board;
    • Motor Vehicles Dealers Licensing Board;
    • Painters Registration Board;
    • Real Estate and Business Agents Supervisory Board; and -
    • Settlement Agents Supervisory Board.

    “The 52 recommendations are in addition to the 28 recommendations in the inquiry’s interim report into the Finance Brokers Supervisory Board completed in September,” Fair Trading Minister Doug Shave said.

    “The final report found that, unlike the finance broking sector, there were no serious or systemic problems in these seven sectors nor any widespread industry problems resulting from a failure of the boards to effectively exercise their powers.”

    The recommendations of the final report include replacing the bodies with a single disciplinary tribunal for these sectors and the establishment of a single Business Licensing Authority to replace them.

    “These recommendations have very wide ranging implications and the report notes they would require extensive legislation changes and take time to implement,” Mr Shave said.

    “I want industry sectors, consumer representatives and other interested parties to be consulted and to have input on all recommendations before changes are made.”

    Cabinet also approved the re-establishment of the Gunning Committee Implementation Panel to oversee this consultation process.

    “This committee has been very effective. Of the 28 recommendations in the first Gunning report into finance broking, the committee has resulted in 22 being implemented or underway with the remaining six under active consideration,” Mr Shave said.

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