Richard Court

Richard Court


    Workforce to be acknowledged with 'signature' tiles

    22/11/2000 6:00 AM

    The workforce on two of Perth’s most exciting projects will have more than just the ‘finished product’ as tribute to their efforts.

    Premier Richard Court says all workers on the Narrows Bridge duplication and the Swan Bells at Barrack Square will be acknowledged through an initiative which will see their names and signatures placed on tiles that will be incorporated into the projects.

    “Just as tens of thousands of Western Australian schoolchildren will be able to visit the Swan Bells and see their signatures on tiles used in landscaping around the structure, the workers will also be honoured by the placement of similar tiles in that area and near the new Narrows Bridge," the Premier said.

    “Not only will these architectural and engineering feats be a lasting tribute to the teams who worked on them, but their names and signatures will be captured for posterity using laser technology to transfer them onto tiles.”

    Mr Court said both projects were a tribute to the innovative design and workmanship of Western Australians.

    “In terms of the Swan Bells, the unusual design has proved a challenge to all building trades, while the Narrows duplication has been constructed using an innovative version of the incremental launching technique which has seen 24 sections of bridge pushed across the Swan River,” Mr Court said.

    “The Government will now look at whether we can develop a system that will put in place a process to record the names of the construction workforce on future major public works - something that I am sure would be viewed with pride by the workers and their families.”

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