Hendy Cowan

Hendy Cowan


    WA to play important role in biomedical research.

    28/11/2000 8:02 PM

    Western Australia can expect to play a major role in combating diseases such as cancer, malaria and diabetes, according to Commerce and Trade Minister Hendy Cowan.

    Mr Cowan today launched the Western Australian Biomedical Research Institute, a State Government Centre of Excellence shared by Curtin and Murdoch Universities.

    With facilities on both campuses, the institute will carry out leading edge research in biomedical science.

    Mr Cowan said the institute would provide unique research focussing on the molecular basis of disease control.

    State Government funding of almost $1 million over three years from the Department of Commerce and Trade would enable Western Australian scientists to provide innovative solutions to health issues around the world.

    “Globalisation has opened up opportunities for Western Australia to capitalise on the world-class infrastructure that is being put in place in this State,” Mr Cowan said.

    “Biomedical research is an area of great potential. Not only will it bring immense benefits in human terms, it also has the potential to attract significant investment here.

    “The WA Government is committed to Centres of Excellence in all areas of scientific and technological research. Indeed, we were among the first to adopt a Centre of Excellence program.

    “In the past five years the Government has committed $18 million to 25 such centres that have been established or are about to be set up.

    “It is a major investment, but one which will provide some very healthy dividends.”

    Mr Cowan said it was significant that the institute was a collaborative venture between two major research bodies.

    “The joint centre was established in the knowledge that a fragmented approach across a number of research groups would not be as effective as a unified one,” he said.

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