Colin Barnett

Colin Barnett


    TEE finishes today

    22/11/2000 6:30 AM

    The 2000 Tertiary Entrance Examinations (TEE) will finish today with exams for political and legal studies in the morning and French in the afternoon.

    Education Minister Colin Barnett said the written examinations, which began on November 6, had progressed smoothly, with the papers increasingly testing how students put into practice what they had learnt at school.

    “This year’s papers were valid and fair tests which provided balanced coverage of the various courses, with adequate opportunities for students to demonstrate their range of achievement,” Mr Barnett said.

    “In line with current best practice in education, students are increasingly being tested in some subjects on how they access and use information, rather than being tested for facts or information which can be learned by rote.

    “For example, the physics paper emphasised understanding of physics concepts and principles and applying them to real-life situations, resulting in questions having a balance of computational skills and understanding of physical principles.

    “Students were required to apply their understanding to questions involving electric vehicles and astrophysics, and one question related to Cathy Freeman running a 400m race.”

    Mr Barnett said the Curriculum Council and its team of 800 markers had already begun to mark the 58,000 papers written by more than 13,400 students.

    He said final results would be available from December 27 on the TISC (Tertiary Institutions Service Centre) phone line and, for the first time, on the Internet.

    Mr Barnett said all year 12 students would be able to find out their subject grades, results, scaled marks, their Tertiary Entrance Rank (TER) and their eligibility for university on the Internet.

    “Students will be required to input personal identification data before they receive any results through the phone line or the Internet, and they will also receive their results in the first mail delivery of the New Year,” he said.

    Mr Barnett wished students well in their exam results but urged them to think of safety issues during end-of-school celebrations.

    “Students traditionally gather at our major holiday destinations to celebrate the end of school and examinations and, of course, the start of a new period of their lives at university, TAFE or in the workforce,” he said.

    “I hope they have a great time but urge them to act responsibly.”

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