Richard Court

Richard Court


    Public meeting hears update on Sunset redevelopment

    22/11/2000 9:40 AM

    Premier Richard Court says redevelopment plans for the historic Sunset Hospital site will ensure that all the heritage buildings are retained, much needed retirement accommodation is provided and the area is opened up for public access and enjoyment - all at no cost to the taxpayers of Western Australia.

    Addressing a public meeting of about 160 people last Saturday, Mr Court - the local MLA - said the plan to lease an area containing the heritage buildings to a private developer to create a high standard retirement village would also provide ongoing funds to maintain the site’s public and community areas.

    Any surplus funds would be allocated to other health and aged care programs throughout Western Australia.

    During the meeting, Mr Court reiterated that the key elements of the State Government’s project to preserve Sunset as a heritage precinct included:
    • retaining all heritage buildings, with all refurbishment required to meet heritage approval;
    • retaining 100 per cent of the ‘A’ class reserve, with no land being sold;
    • leasing the areas containing the heritage buildings to a private developer to create a very high standard retirement village; and -
    • setting aside 60 per cent of the site for public open space and community use. Through the City of Nedlands, the public will have access to several fully restored buildings for community purposes.

    Mr Court said further community consultation would be conducted to determine planning and development guidelines for the site, addressing issues such as lease boundaries, density, the form and location of any new development and landscaping.

    “These planning and development guidelines will establish appropriate controls for the redevelopment of the existing heritage buildings, any additional development on the site and the conservation of all key landscape elements,” the Premier said.

    “The community will be consulted in developing these guidelines over the next three to four months, and in relation to how the public areas will be developed.”

    Expressions of interest are likely to be called around mid-2001 for the development of the retirement village, with the bidding and selection process expected to take up to six months. The public areas will most likely be redeveloped simultaneously with the retirement village, which is expected to commence in early 2002.

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