Richard Court

Richard Court


    Premier to hold public meeting on Sunset heritage redevelopment

    16/11/2000 11:50 AM

    People will have an opportunity to hear the State Government’s plans for the heritage restoration of the magnificent former Sunset Hospital site at a public meeting on Saturday.

    Premier and Nedlands MLA Richard Court said the meeting would be held in the former dining room of Sunset from 10am.

    The Premier said he would present the State Government’s restoration plans at the meeting after which people would be able to take a self-guided tour of the precinct.

    “The Sunset restoration project will revitalise this historic site and turn it into a magnificent community asset for all Western Australians to enjoy,” Mr Court said.

    The key elements of the State Government’s project to preserve Sunset as a heritage precinct are to:
    • retain all heritage buildings, with all refurbishment required to meet heritage approval;
    • retain 100 per cent of the ‘A’ class reserve, with no land being sold;
    • lease the areas containing the heritage buildings to a private developer to create a very high standard retirement village; and -
    • set aside 60 per cent of the site for public open space and community use. Through the City of Nedlands, the public will have access to several fully restored buildings for community purposes.

    Mr Court said a great deal of work had been undertaken since the release of the Sunset Redevelopment Concept Plan in 1999 to understand how the site could be developed to satisfy community, heritage, planning and environmental requirements.

    “The public meeting presents an ideal opportunity for interested members of the community to hear about the restoration plans for the Sunset heritage site,” he said.

    “It also gives people a great opportunity to walk around the magnificent grounds of Sunset and view the heritage buildings.”

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