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Richard Court


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Rob Johnson


    Premier launches Western Australia's Centenary of Federation celebrations (with pic.)

    5/11/2000 12:00 AM

      Celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of Australia’s Federation officially began today in Western Australia with Premier Richard Court unveiling three commemorative coins and launching a calendar of events.

      At The Perth Mint this morning, Mr Court released three limited edition coins made from pure Australian gold and silver.

      Produced by The Perth Mint, the legal tender coins are designed by Stuart Devlin, the Australian-born, UK-based master coin designer, who designed the enormously successful Sydney 2000 Olympic Coin Collection.

      Mr Court said the Centenary of Federation celebrations would bring all Australians together next year under the banner ‘One People One Destiny’ - the original rallying cry for Federation.

      The Premier also launched a calendar of Centenary of Federation events in Western Australia for January next year - a calendar that will be reproduced each month to detail celebrations.

      “Planning for the Centenary celebrations in WA began five years ago and people from all corners of the State have been involved in developing more than 200 projects funded by the State Government and local communities,” Mr Court said.

      Citizenship and Multicultural Interests Minister Rob Johnson said Western Australians had warmly embraced the Centenary of Federation celebrations.

      “The response to the State Government’s $3.5 million community grants program was outstanding,” Mr Johnson said.

      “People throughout WA have recognised the importance of the Centenary of Federation to our nation’s history and want to pay their own tribute to it.

      “That has resulted in a remarkable range of projects being developed, from Federation gardens in small country towns to heritage walks and trails, local community sporting events, and bigger projects like the Kings Park elevated walkway.”

      Mr Johnson, who is also the Minister responsible for the Centenary of Federation, said the projects were designed to provide valuable facilities and attractions for their communities - long after next year’s celebrations were over.

      Mr Court said WA would also host two high profile events on behalf of the nation next year.

      The Centenary of Federation Youth Festival will involve young people in a week-long program of events including a national youth conference and various arts, environment, science, film, extreme sports and music-focussed festivals.

      The Tracks to Federation - The East West Commemorative Rail Journey will see a specially-commissioned train leave Adelaide in October bound for Perth to commemorate the inspiring story of the Trans Australian Railway, one of the greatest engineering feats of the last century.

      “Of course, later next year, the Australian Miners’ and Prospectors’ Hall of Fame will open in Kalgoorlie, and this is a Centenary of Federation project that will recognise the enormous contribution the prospecting and mining industries have made to Australia,” Mr Court said.

      “The Centenary of Federation is a national achievement. It is a time when we should remember all of the hard work that went into creating a strong and united country, and all the achievements we have made since that time.”

      Media contacts:
      Justine Whittome, Premier's office 9222 9475
      Fran Hodge, Minister Johnson's office 9215 4800
      Alison Puchy, The Perth Mint 9421 7203
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    Premier Richard Court (right) and Citizenship and Multicultural Interests Minister Rob Johnson arrive at the launch on the Western Australian float that will feature in the Federation Parade in Sydney on January 1, 2001.

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    Citizenship and Multicultural Interests Minister Rob Johnson and Sandra Lucchesi, of Goldcorp, with the new coin-within-a-coin set.