Richard Court

Richard Court


    New residential village sets pace for twenty first century: Premier

    22/11/2000 11:15 AM

      Premier Richard Court today officially opened Coolamon Village at Ellenbrook, setting a new benchmark for residential development in the 21st century.

      Mr Court said the design of the village incorporated the advanced use of technology ensuring residents had access to the services of the new millennium.

      “Like the existing Ellenbrook villages, Coolamon households will have underground Internet and cable television connections,” the Premier said.

      “However, Coolamon Village takes that concept a step further.

      “Coolamon residents will be able to utilise a wide range of communication technologies giving residents access to a community intranet - allowing the distribution of a local newsletter and a means of communication between residents and local clubs and organisations.

      “The technology will also allow Coolamon residents to access free to air television - removing the need for ugly antennae on roofs.”

      Mr Court said the advanced use of technology in the development of Coolamon was a practical demonstration of the Coalition’s commitment to work with the private sector to help Western Australians actively participate in the information age.

      “It helps deliver on the Government’s pledge to give all Western Australians the opportunity to participate in and benefit from the technology revolution, regardless of their financial circumstances or where they live in the State,” he said.

      Coolamon, which is an Aboriginal word for carrying bowl, has been developed by the Ministry for Housing in partnership with Morella Pty Ltd and is the third village to be officially opened as part of the Ellenbrook development.

      Mr Court said the design of the village had also incorporated a number of other award winning features apart from the advanced use of technology.

      “Coolamon is at the forefront of a trend in the housing industry to design and construct homes that are energy efficient,” he said.

      “The special lay-out of the village ensures that 70 per cent of the streets are on a north-south axis creating the same proportion of homes on a east-west alignment and providing for more solar efficient housing designs.

      “There is also an energy efficient incentive to home builders and free information on energy efficient homes for owners.”

      Mr Court said Coolamon was truly a 21st century village that within four years would accommodate more than 1,700 households.

      “Already 300 homesites have been sold and more than 110 homes have been built,” he said.

      “The success of Ellenbrook, and indeed Coolamon Village, is reflected in the growing number of people taking up residence there.”

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