Colin Barnett

Colin Barnett


    Minister welcomes teachers' decision to accept salary package

    30/11/2000 6:04 PM

    Education Minister Colin Barnett has welcomed teachers’ decision to accept the State Government’s salary package.

    He said today teachers would receive a 13.5 per cent pay increase over two years and eight months.

    The first salary increase of four per cent would be paid on December 7.

    They will then receive a three per cent rise from August 1, 2001, another four per cent from August 1, 2002 and at least 2.5 per cent from August 1, 2003.

    Mr Barnett said teachers would also receive six weeks’ paid maternity leave starting with two weeks' in 2001, four weeks' in 2002 and six weeks’ from 2003.

    The other initiatives contained within the agreement included:
    • $3 million to reduce class sizes in Year Eight on a targeted basis and an agreement to seek further funding to reduce maximum class sizes in Years Eight and Nine from 32 to 28;
    • $1.5 million for behaviour management programs and support for teachers, particularly in Years Eight and Nine;
    • increased access to permanency and extensions to temporary contracts to the maximum possible time: and -
    • improved access to information technology and increased support for this technology.

    Mr Barnett said he was pleased the long and protracted negotiations which lasted more than 12 months were finalised.
    He said he was pleased the majority of teachers had accepted the union executive’s recommendation to accept the Government’s offer.

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