Paul Omodei

Paul Omodei


    Inaugural Forest Products Commission appointed

    14/11/2000 4:53 PM

    The inaugural Forest Products Commission is to be chaired by a former CEO of the Shire of Manjimup, Mr Murray Jorgensen.

    Announcing the appointments today, Forest Products Minister Paul Omodei said the commission would also include one of the State’s leading environmental scientists, a self-employed fine woodcraft cabinet maker, a union organiser, a furniture business manager, a university finance lecturer, and the Mayor of Bunbury who has extensive commercial experience.

    Mr Omodei said the commission was appointed under the Forest Products Act 2000 and would be responsible for commercial forestry operations previously controlled by CALM.

    The appointment of the commission would bring to reality the separation of the conservation and commercial operations of State forests.

    The FPC would also take over the management of existing timber share farming agreements previously controlled by CALM, with the power to enter new share farming agreements.

    The commission’s harvesting and sale of native hardwoods from State forests would be subject to management plans approved by the Government on the advice of the Conservation Commission.

    Members of the commission were appointed in their own right, not on a representative basis.

    The commissioners are:
    • Mr Murray Alan JORGENSEN, Chairman, is the principal of a management and business consultancy for a wide range of local government and commercial clients. He has extensive experience in local government including five years as Shire Clerk at Manjimup and 10 years as CEO of the Town of Albany, and has been Deputy Chair of Commissioners at the City of Cockburn since April 1999;
    • Dr Per Eiler Skou CHRISTENSEN, Deputy Chairman, is a consultant ecologist with broad and authoritative experience in forest and fauna ecology in WA. He has extensive experience in senior level management within State Government and is currently on a number of committees including the Scientific Committee on Wildlife Use advising the Federal Minister for the Environment, the Shark Bay World Heritage Property Scientific Advisory Committee, and is the Scientific Adviser on the Project Eden Management Committee;
    • Mr Raymond Leslie CURO is presently self-employed as a fine woodcraft cabinet-maker. He has extensive knowledge of all aspects of the WA hardwood timber industry through 25 years of bush work, roading, contract management, training, and management of harvesting operations. He still works as a consultant to industry and has worked extensively in land-use conflict resolution. He has been a Manjimup Shire Councillor since 1997, a Board member of the Warren District Hospital since 1999 and was Chairman of Forest Industries Training Services from 1995 to 1997;

    • Mr Nicholas James OAKES is a union organiser with the AWU, with ten years experience in the WA forest products industry. He has extensive experience in industrial relations, RFA associated processes, and industry training and development. He was an executive member of the Fine Wood Industry Project from 1992 to 1999. He is a current and inaugural Board member of the Forest Heritage Centre, a member of RFA Reference Group, and a Bridgetown-Greenbushes Shire Councillor since May 1999;
    • Ms Sandra Lee BREEZE has been a business proprietor and manager in the furnishing industry since 1982. She has been a Councillor of the Furnishing Industry Association of Australia (WA) since 1990 and vice president since 1999. She was chairperson of the Australian Furniture of the Year Awards from 1995 to 2000, chairperson of the FIAA Furniture Showcase in 1996 and 1997, and chairperson of the FIAA Furniture Expo in 1992-1993;
    • Mrs Marilyn Clare CLARK-MURPHY has been a lecturer in finance at Edith Cowan University since 1992. She has broad experience in financial management and stockbroking and as board member of government instrumentalities. She was Associate Director Finance & Administration and Company Secretary, Porter Western Ltd from October 1987 to January 1992, a Commissioner of the City of Wanneroo from November 1997 to December 1999, overseeing the split into two authorities, and has been a Member of the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board since 1994; and -
    • Mr Giovanni Mario CASTRILLI has been Mayor of Bunbury since May 1997. He has extensive experience in accounting, financial management and commerce and as a board member on a wide range of Government, business, educational and community groups. He was a Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commissioner from 1988 to 1991 and is a current board member of the Bunbury Wellington Economic Alliance.

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