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Richard Court


    Green light given to Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre and Perth Stadium

    28/11/2000 2:55 PM

    Both the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (PCEC) and the Perth Stadium will be significantly improved following extensive negotiations that have led to the acceptance of contracts for construction of these important projects for Western Australia.

    Premier Richard Court said today that five months of negotiations between the State Government’s PCEC Taskforce and the preferred proponents, the Multiplex Consortium, had led to enhancements on the concept designs unveiled in July.

    Mr Court said the Multiplex Consortium would commit an additional $15.9 million (net present value (NPV) at July 2000) in total to the PCEC and the Perth Stadium projects.

    The Multiplex Consortium also originally requested relief from land tax and stamp duties, however, the State Government has ensured there will be no relief and as a result, an estimated $124 million in State and local rates, taxes and stamp duties will be injected into State and local government revenues over the next 35 years.

    Mr Court said that in response to community feedback, the State Government had negotiated improved and extended facilities to both the PCEC and the Perth Stadium, and both projects had been made more people-friendly with improved design, additional landscaping and better pedestrian access.

    Importantly, one of the major changes has been to the roof design of the Convention and Exhibition Centre.

    “After public consultation and comment, the new roofline will retain the undulating eucalyptus leaf theme, but will become sleek and streamlined with a distinctive Australian appearance from Australian architects,” Mr Court said.

    As well, the project’s planned hotel development will be moved on-site from the proposed original Westralia Square location, and the carpark will also be moved on-site to allow for easier access.

    Major improvements will also be made to the PCEC for it to be used as a performance facility, including a dedicated entrance and services for the flexible performance space, and the opportunity to use the Plenary Hall as a theatre for popular music concerts and large-scale touring music productions.

    With the contract now signed, construction on the Convention and Exhibition Centre will begin in June 2001and should be operating in late 2003.

    Construction of the Perth Stadium will begin in June 2001 and is due for completion by mid-2003.

    As previously committed, Mr Court said, the contract between the State Government and the Multiplex Consortium had now been made public.

    “The Government has acted scrupulously in assessing and determining details of the contract and independent reports uphold the process, including confirmation from the probity auditor that the process had been fair and equitable and met all probity requirements,” he said.

    The Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre

    The PCEC will be built on the car park site beside the busport on Mounts Bay Road and will include a 17,000sq m exhibition centre, a convention centre accommodating up to 2,500 people and an additional banquet facility for up to 2,500 people.

    Major changes from the initial concept plan include:
    • improved roof design and lower roof profile decreasing further the already low impact on the city;
    • provision to expand the main auditorium to accommodate up to 5,000 delegates rather than 2,500;
    • an additional two meeting rooms to take to 16 the total number;
    • more than 4,500 additional sq m of pre-function and foyer space;
    • a pedestrian bridge across Mounts Bay Road at Mill Street to improve public access and links to the CBD from William Street;
    • additional on-site carparking and improved landscaping and open space;
    • a new public caf� creating a more people-friendly and attractive environment;
    • moving the planned hotel on-site from the originally-proposed location at Westralia Square;
    • increased roof height in halls four and five to provide a venue for major indoor sports tournaments, such as the Hopman Cup and BMX world championships.

    The Perth Stadium.

    The Perth Stadium will be built on the car park bounded by Wellington Street, the Mitchell Freeway, Roe Street and the Entertainment Centre, with initial seating for 19,000, an international pitch and provision for night games.

    The design and layout of the stadium means it is possible to sink the Northbridge section of the railway line some time in the future if so desired.

    Major changes from the initial concept plan include:
    • a new 900sq m banquet facility;
    • two new separate media facilities;
    • an additional four corporate boxes to take to 12 the total number;
    • an extra 1,400sq m in commercial/office space.

    Tourism Minister Norman Moore said although there had been significant improvements to the PCEC design as a result of public consultation, the final contract remained within the intent of the preferred provider bid.

    “When we announced the Multiplex consortium as the preferred provider in July, we said that we would enter into negotiations with them to finalise issues such as design and financial arrangements,” Mr Moore said.

    “These have now concluded and I firmly believe that Western Australia will now have a world-class dedicated convention and exhibition centre that will attract the conferences and exhibitions we have lost out on in the past.

    “In addition, the State will secure a much-needed international class rugby and soccer facility.

    “The State Government’s financial contribution remains at $110 million, (NPV at July 2000) and will take the form of loan funds.

    “The State Government has also been able to reduce the crown land allocation from the original offer in the expression of interest of freehold, to leases for 35 years for the PCEC and Perth Stadium, and leases for 99 years for the ancillary facilities, including the hotel, carparking and office space on the PCEC site.

    “Importantly, the project will generate between $1.5 to $2 billion for Western Australia’s economy in its first 10 years, with flow-on effects to regional areas estimated at approximately $11 million a year.

    “We expect the project to create up to 5,000 jobs during construction and more than 3,000 new permanent full-time and part-time jobs.”

    Mr Moore said the State Government would require the Multiplex Consortium to achieve performance targets during the first 10 years of the lease term, and it would be required to contribute to a marketing fund if performance indicators were not met at the specified time.

    Continued failure over three consecutive years to meet the performance indicators would enable the State Government to terminate the lease and retake possession of the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre site.

    Mr Moore said the Multiplex Consortium had impressive credentials in the design and construction of major convention and sporting facilities, including Stadium Australia for the Sydney Olympics and now the redevelopment of Wembley Stadium in the United Kingdom.

    As well, the architects, the Cox Group, had designed convention centres that had set international benchmarks in Singapore, Brisbane, Cairns, Darling Harbour and Durban in South Africa.

    Media contacts:
    Justine Whittome, Premier’s office, 9222 9475
    Hartley Joynt, Minister Moore’s office, 9321 1444