Kim Hames

Kim Hames


    Government to provide $5 million for Community Water Supply program 2001-2002.

    6/11/2000 10:54 AM

      Water Resources Minister Dr Kim Hames today called on rural communities experiencing water supply difficulties to make funding submissions for scheme water pipeline extensions or community dams.

      “The State Government will next year continue to assist rural communities to improve their water supply through the very successful Community Water Supply Program,” Dr Hames said.

      “Funding of $5 million will be made available for projects in 2001-2002.

      “Low rainfall areas of the State, which typically receive less than 600mm of average annual rainfall, will continue to receive support from Government to improve water supplies through programs like the Community Water Supply Program.”

      Dr Hames said that the funding for scheme pipeline extensions had been made possible through an agreement with the Water Corporation and the Office of Water Regulation.

      Additional funding is also available for non-pipeline community water supply projects.

      “Since 1995 funding of over $21.5 million has been approved under the Community Water Supply Program to undertake 53 pipeline extensions and community dam projects,” Dr Hames said.

      “The program aims to help minimise the hardship farmers and rural communities experienced during times of low rainfall and on-farm water deficiency, by developing more reliable and improved water supplies.

      “The program targets those areas where water supplies are difficult to develop and where water deficiency and water carting are a regular feature of farming life.”

      The community water supply program will fund two-thirds of the approved cost of pipeline extensions with the remainder coming from the community in cash or in kind.

      Funding proposals must have the support of local shires and be submitted for consideration by December 31.

      Information on funding from the Community Water Supply Program can be obtained by calling the Office of Water Regulation in Perth toll free on 1800 658 611.

      Media contact: Sandy Gater 9424 7450