Norman Moore

Norman Moore


    Government funds boost for Kimberley sport

    17/11/2000 11:50 AM

    The Kimberley region has received a boost in State Government funding announced today by Sport and Recreation Minister Norman Moore.

    Mr Moore said three grants from the Sports Lottery Fund Country Package would help Kimberley people get the most from their sport and recreation opportunities.

    The grants are:
    • $6,000 for Garnduwa Kimberley Youth Sport and Recreation towards the accreditation of Aboriginal coaches in football, basketball and athletics;
    • $5,000 to the WASA Kimberley Regional Swimming Association to accredit swimming coaches and officials in Broome, Derby and Kununurra; and -
    • $1,023 to the Derby Squash Club towards education and coaching clinics for junior squash players in the region.

    The grants will help hundreds of people from all over the Kimberley.

    Garnduwa is a Kimberley-wide organisation at the forefront in developing Aboriginal sport and recreation. This latest round of funding will also help promote and run tennis clinics throughout the region.

    The WASA Kimberley Regional Association is planning a number of competitions for the coming year.

    The squash clinics are designed to help local officials develop the game in Derby and surrounding areas.

    Mr Moore said that umpires and referees trained at the clinics would have the chance to pass on their skills and knowledge.

    He was delighted at the ongoing success of the Sports Lottery Fund Country Package program.

    “This investment by the State Government in the sporting future of the Kimberley underlines our support for sport in regional Western Australia,” the Minister said.

    “Funding like this not only has an immediate impact, but it also creates the setting in which the future development of sports can be addressed with long-term benefits to the region.

    “The secret of the success of the Sports Lottery Fund Country Package is that it allows regional areas to develop tomorrow’s champions and also helps people who just want to take part in and enjoy sport.”

    The Sports Lottery Fund Country Package is administered by the Ministry of Sport and Recreation.

    Media contacts:

    Hartley Joynt (Minister’s office) 93211444
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