Hendy Cowan

Hendy Cowan


Paul Omodei

Paul Omodei


    Government funds Warren Blackwood action plan

    15/11/2000 12:25 PM

    The State Government today announced a major funding package to stimulate the long-term sustained development of the Warren Blackwood area in the State’s South-West.

    An initial $1.69 million has been allocated as the first cut of a three-year funding program.

    The announcement was made today by Regional Development Minister Hendy Cowan and Forest Products Minister Paul Omodei. The two Ministers are co-chairs of the Warren Blackwood Development Plan Steering Committee, established in response to industry restructuring in the area.

    The announcement follows four months of extensive community consultation with local governments, business, industry and community groups, from which the Warren Blackwood Action Statement - a key planning document, has been created.

    Mr Cowan said funding was allocated to key initiatives identified through public consultation and determined by local communities as urgent initiatives to be acted upon.

    “Key issues were repeatedly identified by local governments, industry, business and community groups through one-on-one consultation, public workshops, community comment forms and planning documents received from various interest groups,” he said.

    Mr Omodei said the importance of immediate action was made very clear to the Government as a means of stimulating investment and growth for the Warren Blackwood and surrounding areas.

    “The Coalition Government is confident that the Warren Blackwood area has every prospect of a bright and vibrant future, based on an increasingly diverse range of industries,” he said.

    “We will continue to work with and support local communities to ensure the potential is realised. These measures are all about building stronger communities in the South-West.”

    The funds announced today will provide:
    • Warren Blackwood Economic Alliance - $62,500
      Funding is being provided to the Alliance to promote and attract industry to the area, develop the role of local tourist bureaus and implement a sub regional tourism strategy.

    • Warren Blackwood Regional Marketing Campaign - $15,000
      The development of a regional marketing strategy will be further supported by $35,000 from the South West Development Commission.

    • Complete three-phase power at East Northcliffe - $500,000
      Up to $500,000 has been allocated for the completion of three-phase power in East Northcliffe to support developing
    • Complete funding for Bridgetown Recreation Centre - $500,000
      A regional sports facility will be developed through funding of up to $500,000 for the Bridgetown Recreation Centre.
    • Youth and Community Development Officers - $120,000
      Youth and Community Development Officers are being funded for each of the four Shire Councils. Their role is to develop youth leadership, support community organisations and encourage youth to get involved in their town.

    • Counselling services and emergency accommodation - $92,500
      The Government is supporting the region’s health strategies by pursuing additional counselling services and establishing an emergency accommodation service in Manjimup.

    • Infill Sewerage at Nannup - $250,000
      Infill sewerage will be implemented in Nannup ensuring a basis for sustainable tourism and other industry development.
    • Improved access to TAFE - $100,000
      A Government subsidy of $100,000 will enable courses with class sizes reduced from 12 down to eight participants to go ahead.
    • 2001 Horticulture Conference - $50,000
      A major horticulture conference early in 2001 is being funded as the basis for the preparation of a strategy to further develop local horticulture industries.
    The actions outlined were presented to the Government as recommendations from the Warren Blackwood Development Plan Steering Committee and accepted as actions to proceed.

    Funding initiatives will commence immediately.

    The Warren Blackwood Action Statement is soon to be released for a formal eight week public comment period.

    Media contact: Peter Jackson 9222-9595