Richard Court

Richard Court


    Western Australia leads the way on LPG

    21/10/2000 5:15 AM

    Premier Richard Court has urged the other Australian States to follow Western Australia’s lead and introduce incentive schemes to encourage motorists to use liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

    The call follows yesterday’s announcement that the Western Australian Government is offering $500 to motorists who purchase a LPG powered vehicle or have their existing vehicle converted.

    “At a time when there are concerns within the community over the price of petrol it makes common sense to promote the use of a fuel that is not only cheaper – because it does not attract a fuel excise - but is `cleaner’ for our environment,” Mr Court said.

    “Western Australia has well and truly accepted the challenge to encourage the take-up of LPG in vehicles. We are the only State to offer a cash incentive, with the ACT the only other jurisdiction to provide financial support through a reduced registration fee.”

    Mr Court said the incentive scheme had become even more attractive thanks to the swift response of businesses such as Ford and Kleenheat.

    “Within hours of the announcement of our scheme these companies have committed to additional incentives for those who choose to make the switch to autogas,” the Premier said.

    “In the case of Ford, they will build on our $500 offer and `wipe out’ the difference between the cost of a dedicated LPG and petrol Ford Falcon.

    “As a result, Western Australians will be pay $798 less than their Eastern States counterparts when buying a dedicated LPG Ford.

    “We are also very pleased that Kleenheat has come on board with an incentive package of $365.

    “It’s a great example of a Government taking the lead and receiving strong support from the private sector.

    “I am sure motorists in other States will now be saying to their Governments - `we want a piece of the action’.”

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