Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson


    WA leads way with the development of a citizenship strategy: Minister

    27/10/2000 5:00 AM

      Western Australians who want to play a more active role in the community will be targeted in the development of the State’s first citizenship strategy.

      Citizenship and Multicultural Interests Minister Rob Johnson today launched the landmark document; Citizenship: Building A Shared Future - The Way Forward, which contains recommendations for the formulation and implementation of the strategy.

      “This citizenship strategy involves the entire community and while Government has an important role to play in facilitating and resourcing these initiatives, the strategy must be owned and activated by the people of Western Australia,” Mr Johnson said.

      He said Western Australia had led the nation with the development of The Way Forward and the Government was committed to acting on the recommendations, as well as resourcing and supporting them.

      The Government had already committed to the development of a comprehensive anti-racism strategy and the publication of a citizenship directory and handbook.

      The Way Forward presents recommendations of the Western Australian Citizenship and Multicultural Advisory Council (WACAMAC) following an extensive community consultation process.

      The recommendations include:
      • initiating a campaign to heighten awareness in the community of the meaning and value of citizenship;
      • developing programs to help businesses and community groups embrace diversity;
      • expanding the role of business in promoting active citizenship and fostering a culture of corporate citizenship;
      • working with community and other volunteer organisations to identify ways that voluntary activities can be encouraged, supported and creatively resourced;
      • creating user-friendly material on our system of Government and how people can interact with community leaders and decision-makers; and -
      • working with local and regional governments to better utilise community facilities and equipment and bring people together.

      Guest speaker at today’s launch, Deloris Jordan - Chicago-based community worker and mother of American basketballer Michael Jordan - said active citizenship was the cornerstone of a happy community.

      “I think it is very important for the community to have one voice - to come together and support one another,” Mrs Jordan said.

      “The community, all different cultures, should work to have a vision together, to move forward for the sake of our community and for the future of our children.”

      Mr Johnson said he hoped the development of a State citizenship strategy would tap into the vast reservoir of goodwill in the community and a desire by many people to make a contribution - no matter how small.

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