Hendy Cowan

Hendy Cowan


    Trade mission aims to win aid work

    23/10/2000 12:44 PM

    Some of Western Australia’s most successful companies have joined forces in a trade mission to Manila aimed at securing major contracts for international aid-funded projects.

    Commerce and Trade Minister Hendy Cowan said aid-funded projects worldwide were a huge potential market for WA business and the State Government had implemented specific strategies to increase access opportunities.

    This included planning and co-ordinating business missions to the major multilateral development banks and aid organisations so that WA companies would have targeted access to key decision-makers.

    This week’s trade mission to Manila will include meetings with representatives from the Asian Development Bank, which funds aid projects worth about US $5 billion each year, other locally-based aid agencies, Philippines Government agencies and key business contacts.

    The mission participants will also receive briefings on how to bid for Asian Development Bank contracts and attend sectoral presentations from ADB and Austrade staff.

    Mr Cowan said WA had many innovative businesses and organisations that excelled as world exporters.

    “This is a further area into which those companies can move and trade missions are an effective way for the State Government to assist them by facilitating introductions and crucial networking opportunities,” he said.

    The trade mission, led by the Department of Commerce and Trade, includes:
    • BioMAX Pty Ltd - one of WA's largest specialist companies providing wastewater treatment and recycling solutions;
    • Ferrier Hodgson - one of Australia’s leading chartered accounting groups, specialising in corporate recovery, insolvency management and reconstruction;
    • SolaHart Industries Pty Ltd - a leading manufacturer and installer of high quality solar water heating systems, which are currently exported to 75 countries worldwide;
    • Tenix Defence Industries Pty Ltd - one of Australia's most experienced shipbuilders, utilising state-of-the-art, computer-based design and fabrication processes;
    • Murdoch University - combining university teaching with world-class research;
    • The Centre for Groundwater Studies - a co-operative research and education venture, focusing on groundwater recharge, discharge, contamination, remediation and management; and -
    • Department of Contract and Management Services - specialising in strategic and operational procurement.

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