Colin Barnett

Colin Barnett


    State school teachers offered 13.5 per cent pay rise

    31/10/2000 6:37 PM

    Teachers in Western Australian Government schools have been offered a 13.5 per cent pay increase over two years and eight months.

    Education Minister Colin Barnett said today the Australian Education Union’s executive had accepted the Government’s latest offer after more than 12 months of negotiations.

    He said teachers would be paid a four per cent salary increase as soon as union members agreed to the offer which he hoped would be the beginning of December.

    Teachers would then receive a three per cent rise from August 1, 2001, another four per cent from August 1, 2002 and at least 2.5 per cent from August 1, 2003.

    Mr Barnett said the first four per cent increase would take teachers in WA to around fourth position in terms of teacher salaries across Australia.

    He said the 13.5 per cent rise would take:
    • a senior principal from $79,340 to $90,598 – an increase of $11,258;
    • a top level teacher from $48,264 to $55,113 – an increase of $6,849; and -
    • a graduate teacher from $32,925 to $37,597 – an increase of $4,672.

    “This has been a long and frustrating process,” Mr Barnett said.

    “I am pleased the union executive has now reached agreement with the Government.

    “I believe the Government’s last offer is more than fair.

    “In addition to the salary increases, the Government offered six weeks’ paid maternity leave starting with two weeks in 2001, four weeks in 2002 and six weeks from 2003.

    “This is especially important considering the teaching profession is 70 per cent women.

    “The Government has also allocated $3 million to reduce class sizes in Year Eight on a targeted basis and I have agreed to seek further funding to reduce maximum class sizes in Years Eight and Nine from 32 to 28.

    “I have also agreed to another $1.5 million for behaviour management programs and support for teachers particularly in those years.

    “Teachers’ access to permanency will be increased and temporary contracts will be extended to the maximum possible time.

    “Schools and teachers will have improved access to information technology and support for this technology will be increased.”

    Mr Barnett said schools would have access to $1.2 million to help with the implementation of the GST and the annual summer vacation leave loading would be included in the base rate of pay which meant it would be paid fortnightly instead of annually.

    He said he was pleased the union executive had called off the industrial action which had been scheduled for Thursday morning.

    Mr Barnett said while negotiations were proceeding he appreciated the intense effort on the part of the Education Department and the union to finalise the agreement.

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