Colin Barnett

Colin Barnett


    State Government sells Chidley School to St Hilda's for $5.2 million

    5/10/2000 11:32 AM

      Chidley School in Mosman Park will remain in educational use after being sold to a private girls’ school.

      Education Minister Colin Barnett said today the buildings, used to educate and accommodate special needs students from isolated areas until 1998, would be sold to St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls.

      Mr Barnett said the outcome was an example of successful co-operation between the public and private education sectors to provide a good outcome for both.

      “This way, St Hilda’s gets to make its much-needed expansion on to an adjoining site and the department realises an asset it no longer needs at a price which will go into the capital works program in the Government school sector,” he said

      “For the local community, it also ensures the site, in this prime location, is not redeveloped for housing.”

      Mr Barnett said St Hilda’s had agreed to buy Chidley at the Valuer-General’s valuation of $5.2 million.

      The Education Department made Chidley available to St Hilda’s in July last year after a fire destroyed one of the school’s boarding facilities.

      “It was a very nice gesture from the public school system to help their counterparts in the private sector,” Mr Barnett said.

      “The initial offer has remained open and the school is still using Chidley to house its boarders.

      “Sixty boarders will remain at Chidley until the end of the year and new boarding facilities, under construction, will open on the main school site at the start of next year.

      “St Hilda’s will develop a primary school on the site within five years and, in the meantime, the site will be used for curricula and outdoor activities.”

      Chidley opened in 1976 to provide intensive remedial support and accommodation for special needs students from isolated country areas.

      It was closed in 1998, when, after extensive consultation with the Isolated Country Parents’ Association, it was decided that a program to provide resources closer to the students’ families, rather than bringing students to the city, was more appropriate.

      The new program had been evaluated and found to be most successful.

      Mr Barnett said St Hilda’s was conscious of the significance of the Chidley site and would respect this in any development work.

      The sale to St Hilda's was negotiated following a valuation by the Valuer-General.

      Land adjoining St Hilda's, which the school bought from Mosman Park Council in 1991, will remain open space or become playing fields.

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