Paul Omodei

Paul Omodei


    New heritage trail at York will be accessible to all

    24/10/2000 3:15 PM

    The creation of an accessible and welcoming community for all people was a responsibility for all people from the State Government to the individual, Disability Services Minister Paul Omodei said today.

    Mr Omodei was presenting a Lotteries Commission cheque for $48,017 to the Shire of York to help fund its new heritage trail.

    In his capacity as Minister for Local Government, Mr Omodei also presented to the shire a cheque for $27,500 from the State Government’s Community Facilities Grants Fund to upgrade toilets at Avon Park to include access for people with disabilities.

    The plan for the new heritage trail incorporates access for people with disabilities and includes the Aboriginal history and culture of the area.

    It will illustrate Aboriginal Dreaming stories of the three prominent landscape features, Walwalling (Mt Bakewell), Wongboral (Mt Brown) and Bilya (the Avon).

    The existing trail was already popular, but the new trail will expand recreational opportunities for residents and visitors and will provide for people with a range of mobility and fitness levels.

    Mr Omodei said the Government’s commitment to the creation of a totally accessible and welcoming community for people with disabilities required all departments and local governments to produce disability service plans.

    “Whether it is walking trails or fishing jetties, council chambers or restaurants, swimming pools or supermarkets, we went them to be accessible and welcoming to our entire community,” he said.

    “The responsibility for this extends beyond governments to the community at large, including families and individuals.

    “While we have communities like York, which has accepted responsibility to include the Aboriginal community and people with disabilities in this new venture, I am sure we will maintain our reputation as the leading State in Australia in this regard.”

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