Richard Court

Richard Court


    New call centre to report graffiti

    12/10/2000 4:30 AM

    Premier Richard Court will today outline the next step in the State Government’s Graffiti Program - a call centre to increase community participation in efforts to reduce the incidence of graffiti vandalism.

    Mr Court, who will be speaking at the second Western Australian Graffiti Conference ‘Clean up, Constructive Alternatives and Beyond’, said partnerships with local governments had already played an important role in the growth of the State’s Graffiti Program.

    “Working with local government we are implementing a mechanism to involve the wider community in the fight against graffiti vandalism,” the Premier said.

    “The introduction of a ‘one call centre’ to report graffiti vandalism gives everyone the opportunity to make a stand against graffiti and send a clear message to the offenders that the crime will not be tolerated in our community.”

    Mr Court said a total of eleven local government authorities were currently participating in the State’s Graffiti Program.

    “Graffiti is a community problem and the solution requires a response from the whole community,” the Premier said.

    “Working in partnership with local government the graffiti program is entering an exciting new phase which will unite our community against this senseless and costly form of vandalism.”

    The call centre allows people to telephone a central 1-800 number to report graffiti vandalism throughout the metropolitan area. In response, the centre will alert those responsible for the property and give any assistance it can in the clean up action.

    Mr Court said the call centre would ensure there was a rapid response to graffiti vandalism.

    “The evidence is conclusive that rapid removal of graffiti is essential in any program aimed at reducing this form of vandalism,” the Premier said.

    People wanting to report graffiti vandalism can call 1800 133 443.

    Local government authorities currently participating in the Graffiti Program include the City of Stirling, City of Joondalup, Shire of Wanneroo, City of Subiaco, Town of Vincent, City of Perth, Town of Cambridge, City of Swan, City of Bayswater, City of Gosnells and City of Fremantle.

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