Norman Moore

Norman Moore


    Minister urges sports fans to seek television support

    13/10/2000 5:54 PM

      Sport and Recreation Minister Norman Moore has urged Western Australian sports fans to tell television stations they want soccer, cricket and basketball broadcasts to continue.

      Mr Moore said he would also contact the stations to try to encourage them to show the games.

      “Fundamentally, it’s about ratings and I can’t make them broadcast live coverage of sport if they have decided they are not going to,” Mr Moore said.

      “Ratings are what is so important and ratings are about people listening and watching TV or radio.”

      He said he was particularly concerned about many country sports lovers not being able to watch these sports on TV.

      “The problem I have particularly is about country people who have to rely on TV or radio to see or hear the games, whereas city people can actually go and watch the games when they are played in Western Australia,” Mr Moore said.

      Media contact: Hartley Joynt, Minister’s office, 9321 1444