Norman Moore

Norman Moore


    Minister says new mill gives jobs boost to Mid-West

    24/10/2000 11:00 AM

      The local community of Three Springs today received an economic boost with the opening of Western Mining Resources Ltd’s new talc mill by Mines Minister Norman Moore.

      Mr Moore said the new development created an extra 12 jobs for the Mid-West region.

      The $11 million mill would produce up to 45,000 tonnes of powdered talc annually.

      The Minister said the mill added another string to the bow of the State’s already diverse minerals industry which, in 1999-2000, was worth $21.3 billion.

      The new mill changes WMC’s Three Spring’s operation from a lump-talc miner to a processor and marketer of value-added milled talc products.

      The mine itself has been an integral part of the Three Springs economy for more than 30 years, and already provides 28 jobs and considerable economic stability to the region.

      “This new development creates an extra 12 new jobs for the people of Three Springs, bringing the mine’s total workforce to 40,” Mr Moore said.

      Talc has been mined from an open pit near the town of Three Springs since 1961.

      In 1999, 146,000 tonnes of lump talc worth $12 million was railed to the port of Geraldton and exported to Japan and Europe.

      Besides its common inclusion in personal hygiene products, talc is used as a thickening agent in cosmetics, paint, paper and ceramics.

      Media contacts:
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