Paul Omodei

Paul Omodei


    Minister rejects WAMA's comments on inquiries

    24/10/2000 1:59 PM

    Local Government Minister Paul Omodei said today that there were no problems about the way the Department of Local Government conducted inquiries into local government matters.

    “The department thoroughly understands the rules of procedural fairness and takes specific advice from the Crown Solicitor’s office in relation to particular inquiries,” Mr Omodei said.

    “I have no objection to WAMA taking up issues raised with it by councils - that is why we have regular liaison meetings - but I reject the implication that there is any basis for concern about the way the department conducts its affairs.

    “The occasional complaint from a council or its lawyer does not constitute a problem.

    “In the review of the practical application of the new Local Government Act conducted earlier this year, the department received 450 suggestions for changes.

    “Only 13 of them related to Part 8 (which covers inquiries) and none of those related to the department having too much power or not using its powers properly.

    “I believe that gives a clear picture of how local government as a whole views the department’s conduct of inquiries and reviews.”

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